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Nadum, Esq. is a Rising Star, named by Super Lawyers in 2017 for providing excellent professional service. He puts every client first, making sure he meets the individual needs in each case. Practicing in both Criminal and Civil Law, Nadum, Esq. pays attention to detail and helps each client go through every step of the legal process. An informed client is a client who has less stress and fewer problems in the future.

Who Needs an Entertainment Lawyer?

Unfortunately, someone who doesn’t have committed, caring representation could be lost in the crowd. Stories abound of artists who are taken advantage of because they tried to earn a living using their own talent and energy.

Nadum, Esq. understands that many who want to earn a living in the Entertainment Industry are naive as to legal concepts and procedures, and he wants to protect their talent and make sure that they can be paid for what they offer. When an individual offers original work, that work needs to be protected under intellectual property law.

Many creative projects involve several people, all doing different jobs. There may be a singer, a producer, someone who manages sound, and many other jobs for one performance. Every person needs to be paid for their part, to make it possible for them to earn a living in the industry.

Performance Contracts

Negotiating a contract can be very tricky because of the many kinds of laws that are involved and the interests of the other parties. Philadelphia Entertainment Law Attorney Nadum, Esq. knows how to guide his clients through the complex issues to negotiate a contract which is both fair and reasonable.

Contracts will include many details such as who else has rights, and how the performance will be distributed. It is also important to retain the individual artist rights, when necessary, so that he or she can perform the individual work again. Artists may also make endorsement deals or sponsorship agreements.

Intellectual Property

An original work needs to be protected under law so that the creator can profit from the work. Whether it is a song, a book or an art piece, artists have rights to their own works.

Nadum Law Associates, LLC wants to help artists and athletes protect themselves. Every artist can be involved in the process to preserve their own legal rights.

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