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Nadum, Esq. has been practicing law in Philadelphia, where he earned both his Undergraduate and Law Degrees. He has successfully defended many clients charged with many kinds of crimes. At Nadum Law Associates, LLC, every client is treated as a unique, important person. Every case has different circumstances, so it is important to discuss the details of every case to find the best defense. Nadum, Esq. makes no promises about the outcome of any case, but works hard to make sure that every case gets the best result possible.

Misdemeanor/Felony Cases

The difference between a Misdemeanor and a Felony is that a Felony could have a longer sentence, with Felonies having possible prison time of a year or more. Besides those consequences, a Defendant could lose his reputation, his job, and his money. The Court can assess fines and probation or parole after the case is over.

Nadum Law Associates, LLC understands how serious the consequences can be and understands the terrible stress a case can cause to a person. He will do everything he can to fight for justice in each case.


Many of those charged with DUI have no other experience in the court system. They have many questions, and most feel overwhelmed because they have been thrust into the system after a traffic stop.

The punishment for DUI can start before a conviction, as the State will immediately suspend the driving privileges of someone suspected of Driving Under the Influence. Nadum, Esq. knows how important it is to mount a vigorous defense immediately in these kinds of cases to attempt to mitigate the final sentence or win the case.


When the case is over in the Trial or Superior Court, the judgment will be entered as Guilty or Not Guilty. Sometimes, even after the final disposition, there are ways to vacate a judgment or lessen the sentence. There are strict time limits on how this is done, so anyone wanting to contest a judgment or sentence should contact an experienced attorney immediately.

Criminal Defense Attorney Nadum, Esq. has experience in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, where he has argued against a decision made  by a lower court. He knows what kinds of issues may still be contestable even after a judgment.

Anyone charged with a Criminal Offense in the Philadelphia area can contact Nadum Law Associates, LLC for knowledgeable, compassionate representation.

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