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Nadum, Esq. has been operating in the Philadelphia area for a relatively short period of time but has already earned a reputation as an attorney who pays attention to detail and performs his due diligence on every case. He has successfully helped clients with many kinds of issues, ranging from Criminal to Civil, and at both the Trial Court level and in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. He helps clients with many Commercial Law issues, ranging from property issues to contract negotiations and disputes, and takes the time to do the job carefully in an attempt to avoid any problems later.


Most Landlord-Tenant disputes involve an argument between the parties about paying rent, and whether the Tenant can get out of paying rent because the Landlord is not taking proper care of the property. Nadum, Esq. knows the local ordinances regulating rentals and can help negotiate these kinds of disputes, or go to trial if necessary.

Other issues revolve around Housing Discrimination, Security Deposits, and Property Safety. Nadum, Esq. will help evaluate each case. Both the Landlord and the Tenant have their own responsibilities under the Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code.

Real Estate

Many people wonder whether they should hire a real estate attorney, when there are other parties who help them get through real estate transactions such as real estate agents. Attorneys can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, the purchase of real estate is often the most significant transactions most individuals every enter into, and the loss of the value of the home or business property could be a devastating blow.

Real Estate Attorney Nadum, Esq. can help to make sure the contract really represents the interests of the client, and that no other issues such as zoning problems will affect the value at a later date.


Whether the client is a business or an individual dealing with a business, Nadum, Esq. can give advice on business transactions the parties are engaged in. Nadum, Esq. can help negotiate contracts, helping to ensure that his client is protected and receiving what he wants under the terms of the agreement.

When there is a dispute, Nadum Law Associates, LLC can appear to represent the client’s interests in a negotiation or, if necessary, a trial.  Contracts cover everything from purchases to employment agreements, and are an important part of securing the interests of every business.

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